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See that curve? We're way ahead of it.
Gilson has been blazing new trails in brand support since well, since hardly anybody knew what a brand was, let alone how to support it. (To be fair, we did open in the 1940s, and people had other things on their minds.)

We're based in Grand Rapids, Michigan - in three facilities, including our state-of-the-art fulfillment and digital print facility - but serve clients throughout the U.S. Our services include: design, composition, print production and management, literature fulfillment, kit building and assembly, point-of-sale production and implementation, direct mail, telemarketing, data entry, e-mail distribution and management, rebate and rebate check management, sweepstakes/clearinghouse coordination, one-to-one marketing, and multi-channel e-commerce via MindWire®, our leading-edge technology platform.

But it's not just what we do, it's how we've done it: As a printer, we've continually invested in the very latest technologies. As a fulfillment house, we've single-handedly instigated a series of revolutions in the way companies distribute information. As a design firm, we set the standard for communications that take full advantage of emerging print and fulfillment capabilities. (See, it really does all work together.)
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