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Gilson helps Gordon Food Service manage Brand Logistics
  • A single source for storing and maintaining all electronic resources
  • On-Line proofing, mirrored scheduling and project tracking systems
  • MindWire Technology for fulfillment and distribution
Founded in 1897, Gordon Food Service is America's largest family-owned foodservice distributor, with customers throughout the Midwest and Florida. For years, GFS maintained an internal print department to support its marketing and operational needs. But a period of rapid growth, beginning in the 1990s, strained internal resources and required the company to engage supplemental outside vendors.
Gordon Food Service
Gordon Food Service
Print Managing multiple outside printers made it a challenge to maintain accurate and consistent use of colors, logos, photos, packaging and all the other graphic elements that contribute to brand identity. At some point, GFS decided it would really like to close its print department - but staffers were concerned they'd lose even more control over the brand.
Mindwire Gilson came up with an approach that solved both problems. We acquired GFS' printing equipment - enabling the company to recoup some of its investment - and we assumed responsibility for coordinating all GFS print projects. We don't print 100% of the output, but we've established graphic standards, packaging guidelines and delivery protocols that all vendors - including us - must follow.

We've also made it easier for GFS to monitor brand compliance. We enable GFS designers to proof and edit pre-press files online, at their convenience. This process helps prevent the backlogs that can result in compromised standards, and it greatly increases project turnaround times.

In addition, we've used MindWire technology to construct a dynamic asset management web site housing thousands of images that can only be accessed by approved GFS personnel and vendors. This site ensures that only the most current graphics will be used in print projects.

Of course, a brand is much more than a logo or color palette - it's the sum of experiences a customer has with a company, its products and its services. Speed and responsiveness are essential elements of the GFS brand promise - just ask one of the restaurants that depend on timely delivery of GFS trucks. Gilson has helped fulfill that brand promise with a web-based MindWire system that provides a single point for ordering marketing and support materials. Materials are warehoused in our facility, so we fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.
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