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  • 200,000 square-foot facility
  • 10,000 pallet storage positions
  • Capacity to fulfill 4,000 orders per day, per program
Faster, Smarter, Better
On any given day, Gilson manages 30-50 client programs for companies across the U.S. We receive inventory, store and distribute items that range from printed materials and swatches to consumer products and retail apparel to prizes and incentives. We pick and pack, assemble and kit, process and pay, pick up and drop ship, even make and answer telemarketing calls. (We'd insert a line about "one-stop shopping" here, but we think doing so may violate a trademark held by one of our biggest customers.)

Other fulfillment companies offer many of these same services, of course. (Though not nearly as well, in our opinion.) What other companies don't offer is our value-added innovation. Ask us to distribute your literature and you're liable to get a new way to deliver custom sales presentations as a bonus. Come to us to manage your next contest, and you may end up with a new way to track costs. Contract us to reduce shipping errors and you may benefit from a brand-new ordering system.

Much of this is made possible by MindWire®, our propietare multi-channel order management software. MindWire is a web-based system that permits real-time remote monitoring of inventory and fulfillment - 24/7/365. Using Mindwire helps our clients better analyze and make decisions about their marketing and communications programs. (It also validates their decision to choose Gilson in the first place!)
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