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Gilson serves BDO as a Central Point of Contact
  • Global ordering and distribution thru a single source
  • Consistent quality across all products
  • Scalable solutions approach to client needs
BDO is a national accounting and professional services firm that serves clients through 34 offices and more than 300 independent alliance firms nationwide.

Print For many years, an internal print and distribution department supported BDO's satellite locations, churning out everything from business cards and letterheads to audit reports and glossy brochures. As the firm grew and print requests multiplied, complications ensued: Since printing wasn't its core business, the company was reluctant to invest in costly new technologies.

Outside printers had to be contracted to handle overflow work. And the internal distribution system was limited by lack of capacity and commitment.
Fulfillment By the 1990s, BDO decided to close this department and outsource printing and fulfillment. But management was very concerned with the impact on internal customers who'd become accustomed to the convenience of a "personal printer."

Gilson laid that fear to rest. We folded BDO's print department into our business. We acquired their equipment. We hired their employees. We even adopted the department's existing phone numbers. This made the conversion totally hassle-free for internal customers. All they really noticed was that their requests were fulfilled more quickly!
Mindwire BDO headquarters noticed a difference, though. Gilson has the capacity to handle all BDO's printing and fulfillment needs, so there's no need to juggle multiple vendors. With all materials printed in one place, there is absolute consistency in colors and graphic standards. Printed products are distributed directly from our location to BDO offices, facilitated by an online ordering system we built using MindWire technology. We even provide design services!

All of this is coordinated by a group of Gilson staffers who serve as a designated BDO support team - which means BDO and its employees still enjoy the services of a "personal printer!"
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