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One-To-One Marketing
  • Works with any web browser
  • 24/7/365 real-time access
  • Customized communications in an instant
MindWire® leverages the power of one-to-one, on-demand communications to help you derive maximum value from your customer information - and create maximum impact with your marketing communications materials.

MindWire collects individual bits of customer data - including demographics, interests and preferences - and intelligently and automatically embeds that data into customized marketing communications. Combine that with our digital printing capabilities, and you can now generate marketing material on the fly, dynamically selecting and including relevant, up-to-date customer information based on parameters you define.

You can target specific groups or individuals with tailored messaging and imagery; create full-color documents that combine text, photos, charts and graphics; deliver printed materials, PDFs or Web pages as your customers prefer.

In the process, you'll enjoy lower costs, increased productivity and improved results.
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